Project Team

Project Research Staff

Matthew Ash

Matt graduated from the University of Bath in 2008 with an M.Eng. in Electronics with Space Science and Technology. As an undergraduate he worked for British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge on interpreting Polar Mesospheric Summer Echo radar data. Matt is based at University College London and his Ph.D. involves construction of the radar instrument as well as developing algorithms for data processing.

Nathalie Vriend

Nathalie obtained her diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Twente in 2004 and her M.Sc. in Aeronautics from Caltech in 2005. She stayed at Caltech for her Ph.D., which was in Mechanical Engineering and Geophysics and was awarded in June 2010. Nathalie is the post-doctoral research assistant for the project and is based at the University of Cambridge. She is working on the processing of the radar data and the associated instrumentation in order to infer flow dynamics.

Academic Staff

Paul Brennan

Paul is a professor at University College London and is leading the radar design and development for the Geodar project. He has extensive experience in the design and development of radar systems, and his work has attracted funding from a range of industrial and government funding sources.

Chris Keylock

Chris is a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield. He works on avalanche risk analysis, environmental fluid mechanics and the development of signal analysis algorithms.  

Jim McElwaine

Jim is based at the University of Cambridge and has published extensively on avalanche flow dynamics and granular flow mechanics. He works with Nathalie on the processing and analysis of the radar data. 

Herbert Huppert

Herbert works at the University of Cambridge and is internationally renowned for his work at the interface of fluid mechanics and the earth sciences.

Karl Woodridge

Karl works at University College London and his research interests include multistatic radar systems, radar target detection, tracking and classification.

Affiliated staff


Kevin Chetty

Kevin currently works at the Department of Security and Crime Science at University College London. Previously he assisted with the early stages of radar design and installation at Vallee de la Sionne.

Farah Isa

Farah assisted with the radar design and development as a component of her Ph.D. research at University College London.