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Radar Installation

Our instrument was installed successfully for the winter of 2009/10.
The image to the right shows the bunker at Vallee de la Sionne before our radar was installed. The old, traditional radar dish is clearly visible in the centre-left window.
The radar system that we installed in 2009/10 is shown in the left-hand image, below. We have eight receive antenna (the white cards, which are ~ 15cm by 10 cm), and one
transmit, which is mounted on the outside of the bunker on a pole to the right as viewed. The use of 8 receive antenna is one crucial advantage of our system over previous versions: by analysing the differences in the phases of the response we get from the different receivers, we have the potential to resolve azimuthal position rather than simply the range of an object.
More recently, we added a set of receivers to the outside of the bunker, which can be seen along the roof of the bunker in the right-hand image, below. Hence, if an avalanche releases spontaneously we can use our automatic triggering to record the event. Because of the unfortunate weather conditions we have been subject to so far, these are the only types of events we have been able to study so far